5 Reasons Mountain Biking Dominates Recreational Sporting Arenas.

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Why did a sport that only emerged in the 1970 - 80's grow to dominate the recreational sports arena? While the question is not a difficult one, the answer isn't as straightforward as you'd imagine.

Let's start by getting rid of the first, easiest, and most obvious reason.

Because it is so much frickin FUN!!!


So we've stated the obvious.

1: Mountain biking is as much fun as you can have on two wheels.

This is a sport that is as physically and visually dynamic as you can get, and therefore the perfect fit for epic mountain biking champions to showcase spectaular skill and breathtaking spills. A motivational sport where 'bailing' doesn't hurt your body or your ego as much as falling. Where you can ride solo or with your mates and rides can end with coffee and burgers. A sport where the riders with the seemingly impossible control skills of Danny Maccaskill are studied by neuro scientists. It truly is a sport of skills, thrills and spills. 

2: World Class Mountain Bike Trails.

Yep! (the name gives it away) mountain bike trails, tracks, downhill runs, are by default in the most spectacular mountainous places in the world. Hard to get to, views to die for, you have to work for it.

You can create a bucket list of world rides that is endless. Pick your country of choice, your terrain preference, an altitude, your degree of difficulty. Mountain bikes make great travel partners.  

Start by adding these 10 aorta testing mountain bike trails to your list.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Old Ghost Road NewZealand 

Lupra Pass - Nepal 

Meffjellet - Norway

Blackcomb - Whistler





The sport has a subset language of its own that has developed into a sport specific slang to rival any hip or modern sporting genre.  

great mates

get outdoors

 generational riding

3: The Health Benefits

mental health 

rides wirth your crew

travel with bikes

events for all skill levels and ages

4: They're Made Of Bits!!

 Don't under estimate the allure of a sport that where you get to fix things. Or at a minimum get to tweak stuff. 


5: It's An Intergenerational Family Activity


6: Professional Comp 





get travelling


mtb makes a great travel buddy 



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